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Monthly Archive May, 2008

Hedgehog in the Fog

May 9, 2008

(based on a Russian folk tale. By Y. Norstein with English subtitles)

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Firing Range

by Petrov (English subtitles)

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The Moth

This film is a humorous one minute sociological essay on reality, dreams, illness and rights. The reasoning of authority: “if you think you’re a moth, you’re ill (in the head). The ill are not allowed to fly”. Translated by me.

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My Green Crocodile

by Vadim Kurchevsky. 1966. English subtitlesA magical film about love, poetry, and life. If you love, says the narrator, then do something wonderful. Turn into a green leaf, for example.

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Glass Harmonica

by Andrei Khrjanosvky, music score by Alfred Shnittke. 1968. English subtitles.This film is a requiem for the Artist. Throughout history, power, capital and authority rape, incarcerate, and murder the creative spirit. This film is an unsurpassed; masterpiece on violence that speaks to all beyond the frontiers of time, national borders, or race.Part 1:Part 2:

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Poor Liza

based on a novella by Nikolay Karamzin - For an in-depth analysis, see my book “Children’s Literature, Domestication, and Social Foundation: Narratives of Civilization and Wilderness” (Routledge 2015). Every society produces its own version of prescriptions for what to do and taboos, of explanations about how the world functions and of natural and social rules. In […]

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The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

based on the story by F. DostoevskyPart 1:Part 2:Part 3:

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The House that Jack Built

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About Sidorov Vova

1985. English subtitles.A humorous film on raising people.

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Fox and Hare

by Yuri NorsteinPart 1:Part 2:

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