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Monthly Archive October, 2009

Literacy of the Oppressed: Structural Violence and Children’s Books

October 26, 2009

Abstract: Anthropologists, such as Jack Goody, or thinkers like John Zerzan or Walter Ong, have traced the development of written language to the beginnings of agricultural civilisation, which, in order to succeed in its premise of killing competition and of using the world and its inhabitants (plants, animals and humans) as resources and belongings, demanded […]

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Revealing and Concealing: Architecture and Knowledge in Children’s Books

Abstract for a paper presented at the Masking and Unmasking interdisciplinary conference, Duke University, 12th September 2008: Architecture, or the modification of one’s environment to construct shelter, dwelling or home, is contingent on the philosophical position that ultimately reveals and/or conceals the knowledge that generates cultural dispositions. In this paper, I present three literary examples […]

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