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Monthly Archive January, 2010

Response to critiques of Avatar that accuse it of scientism and racism

January 30, 2010

John Zerzan discussed my review of Avatar on Anarchy Radio on Tuesday the 29th, December ‘09 and continued the discussion of the film throughout January, after he’d seen it. This has generated a lively debate on the various aspects of the film and the position of film medium in revolutionary thought. On the 26th of […]

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Ewuare X. Osayande: Jesus & the Money Changers: Rioting Against the Economic Crisis 2/2

January 5, 2010

Click to Play Rioting Against the Economic Crisis As recorded in the Gospel of Mark 11:15-18, Jesus initiates a rebellion within the temple at Jerusalem in response to the corrupt and exploitative practices he witnessed there. A few days later he would be crucified. This riotous act of protest by the “Prince of Peace” has […]

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