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Monthly Archive September, 2010

For Children about U.S.S.R.

September 9, 2010

Actually, it is about everyone else too: More great animation films are available in section ANIMATION DELIGHTS. Enjoy! Thursday, 9th September, 2010

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the mythical predator

September 5, 2010

The Mythical Predator September 2010 Much of my recent research focused on surveying the latest findings in ethology and primatology. Inspired by the plethora of new work that attempts to overcome the civilised bias and mythology and learn about the animal world for what it is: an attempt at diversity, proliferation of life in all […]

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Race, Racism, and the Nation-State: A Christian-Anarchist Perspective

September 3, 2010

Nekeisha Alexis-Baker’s presentation at the “In the beginning: Anarchism, Christianity, and the roots of resistance” conference, 6th August 2010, Portland, OG Nekeisha Alexis-Baker part 1 Nekeisha Alexis-Baker part 2 Layla AbdelRahim, respondent:

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Anarchy for All: Expanding the Horizons of Practice Beyond Privilege

Open Forum shared with Nekeisha Alexis-Baker, John Zerzan, and partly with Wes Howard-Brook “In the beginning: Anarchism, Christianity, and the roots of resistance” conference, Portland, OR 7th August 2010 My original reasons for proposing this topic were described below. But because of the strong resistance from Wes Howard-Brook to talk about issues of race, Nekeisha […]

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Layla AbdelRahim “Tell these Stories to your Children”

September 2, 2010

Click to Play Like the Egyptian pyramids of exploitation or the empires of devastation, the stories we tell our children stand firmly on a few fundamental concepts. These concepts are defined by their basic perspectives that either solidify the status quo of civilization or drive the uprooting revolutions that demolish the castles of oppression. For, […]

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