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Monthly Archive January, 2018

Naked Wildness

January 8, 2018

Some of the topics discussed in this interview are wildness and civilisation, Stanford prison experiment, science, and domestication.  

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Primitivism 101

Interviewed by Ron Lester Whyte for Deep Green Philly on the principles of anarcho-primitivism, cooperation, and anarchism. Part 1/3 To listen to the other 2 parts click HERE  

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Will Civilize for Food

Tonight, Layla AbdelRahim and Rabble Rouser discuss the marshmallow test, a more in-depth study of domestication and work, how they relate and are interdependent, and the role of deferred gratification in both modern civilized living, and how it controls action against civilization as well. Patience is not a virtue, it is a vampire. anarchy anarcho-primitivist […]

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Civilized Racism II

Civilized Racism pt2 with Layla AbdelRahim Topics racism, Ferguson, police violence, anarchism, primitivism, domestication Despite claims that we’ve entered a “post-racial” era, racism is alive and well, thriving even, and anti-black racism, in particular, continues to escalate. Layla AbdelRahim and I first discussed this topic several years ago after the Trayvon Martin murder. The recent modern-day […]

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Civilized Racism I

Trayvon Martin, Anna Brown, Shaima Alawadi and Civilized Racism - discussion of the medicalisation of the oppressed and the civilised “othering” by means of constructs of illness and health. Interviewed by Ron Lester Whyte for Deep Green Philly, 29th March 2012.   Here is part 1 of Civilized Racism I To listen to part 2/2 of Civilized Racism […]

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