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Layla AbdelRahim chosen as one of world’s leading cutting edge pedagogues for Maverick Teachers Global Summit, India, July 2016

A Maverick Teacher is someone who applies a balance of creativity, innovation, empathy and science to the art of teaching to support students and their learning. Maverick Teachers contextualise the learning process within the pressing and complex issues of sustainability and develop innovative pedagogic strategies to impact millions of teachers and children across India.  The Global Summit 2016 is organised by the Agastya International Foundation, one of the largest science education programs that caters to economically disadvantaged children and teachers in the world. The goal of the summit is to make learning economically and culturally relevant and to develop grassroots education. 35 leading cutting-edge pedagogues are chosen to participate in the Global Summit. They will spend 6 days to explore and create pedagogies for the future to support education for a sustainable world.



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