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Preliminary exam

Preliminary Exam – summer 2004

  1. a 50-page doctoral research proposal and bibliography on paradigms of knowledge and its transmission through children’s books. This essay was submitted together with three theoretical texts one of which was chosen by the committee to be on the exam

  1. In Defence of Charles Perrault: Beyond the Feminist Perspective of Jack (David) Zipes & his Associates – a 25-page essay written in response to a question by Terry Cochran (between 19th and 26th July 2004)

  1. Red Delicious (drama) (2003) – 35 pages submitted as second field examination

  1. Reflections on Red Delicious: methods and forms in thinking human and literary experience – 10 pages. Terry Cochran asked me to theorise my play (Spring 2003; updated: Summer 2004)

  1. A Venture Beyond the Script – the last written part of the exam in response to a question by Eric Savoy – 10 pages (28th -29th July 2004)


Oral defence: 5th August 2004

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