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Layla AbdelRahim “Tell these Stories to your Children”

Like the Egyptian pyramids of exploitation or the empires of devastation, the stories we tell our children stand firmly on a few fundamental concepts. These concepts are defined by their basic perspectives that either solidify the status quo of civilization or drive the uprooting revolutions that demolish the castles of oppression. For, in the end, it is today’s children who are the adults of tomorrow who will impact the world they inherit and these stories are the most intrinsic forces that will guide them through their lives. The question of how to go about living sustainable lives in harmony with the world is the oldest question humans have asked ever since some have decided long ago that they could choose between destruction and viability. This question is philosophical, anthropological, theological, medical, physical, and in fact drives every single discipline: should we embrace technological advancement or renounce it? Should we consider illness as a malfunction of an organism in capitalist production or as an expression of dissonance with the world? In this session, Layla AbdelRahim discusses narratives of science, the bible, and children’s books and the underlying perspectives on our nature and the nature of the universe that have radical ramifications for children’s ontological questioning, an indispensable tool in forging meaningful relationships with the world and resisting the abusive forces of Empire.

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