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My poem was inspired by Elena Korniakova and Vesta Korniakova’s art. Elena found that the Native American legends on the birth of the world where a woman lands from the sky on a timeless turtle echoed the Ukrainian pagan myths about the birth, Mother Earth (BOGINYA-BEREGINYA), a magic tree, and seeds of life. When I met Lena, she had already meticulously constructed puppets from thread and lace, animated them, and worked out the music. I wrote the poems in Russian and English. Unfortunately, they had to be cut short because of the timeframe of the film. Artem Beketov provided his studio to record my reading of the poems and worked out the final sound editing. The film was chosen at the international film festival, EVORA-2005, in Portugal where it made its debut.

Wonder-pysanka in English:

In Russian:

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